Monday 4:30 p.m.–5 p.m.

I never Meta model I didn't like: The Django 1.8 Meta Interface

Russell Keith-Magee

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For the 2014 Google Summer of Code, Daniel Pyrathon formalized one of the pieces of Django that was most used unstable APIs in Django: the Meta interface. This code is now part Django 1.8. In this talk, Russell Keith-Magee will take you for a walk around the facilities provided by the Meta interface, and show how you can use those interfaces to make any data store quack like a Django-shaped duck.


This talk will explain the new Meta API, and look at Daniel Pyrathon's django-mailer as an example of using Meta in the real world.

Talk outline: What is meta programming - Reflection in Python - What this means in Django History of Django's Meta The new Meta API - Daniel's GSoC project - API walkthrough So why bother? - How Forms use meta - How Admin uses meta - django-mailer: GMail in contrib.admin * Other options? - A teaser of other places where this could be used.