DjangoCon Organizers

Jeff Triplett

Conference Chair

Jeff Jeff , this year's conference chair, is a Django developer for Revolution Systems (Revsys). He's also a co-founder and President of the Board of the Django Events Foundation North America (DEFNA), and he co-organized the Django Birthday conference. In his spare time, he practices photography and is getting back into running.

Lacey Williams Henschel

Diversity Chair and Financial Aid Chair

Lacey Lacey is a senior software developer for the University of Texas at Austin, but she telecommutes from Portland, OR. She's the co-organizer of Django Girls Portland and Django Girls Austin (happening at DjangoCon), and she recently wrote an article for Model View Culture on making tech events more accessible to people with disabilities. In her spare time, she's a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters, she serves on the technical board of Project Callisto, and she watches a lot of Netflix.

Peter Baumgartner

Sponsorship Chair

Peter Peter is the founder of Lincoln Loop, having built it up from a small freelance operation in 2007 to what it is today. He is a frequent speaker at DjangoCon and has given talks at PyCon and SaltConf as well. In 2013 he co-authored the book High Performance Django, detailing the techniques used at Lincoln Loop to build high-traffic, scalable sites with Django. Currently residing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Peter enjoys a well balanced life with his wife and two children. Beyond technology, his passions include skiing and biking in the mountains near his home as well as the occasional surf trip south of the border. Peter has attended every DjangoCon US to date.

Christopher Adams

Program Chair

Christopher Christopher is a contributor to Django and heavily involved in the Django community and open source movement. He’s been a Django developer since 2009 but has been programming since he taught himself BASIC in 6th grade. Christopher lives in Brooklyn and currently works as Application Architect at Venmo, the easiest and most fun way to send pay to your friends using your mobile phone. He is also the creator of Say It Again, a social network for saving and sharing quotations.

Craig Bruce


Craig Craig first discovered Django in 2009 when he joined AstraZeneca. It was being used to power Design Tracker, a system used globally by chemists to aid their drug discovery efforts. It wasn't until he moved to the US to work for OpenEye that Craig got the opportunity to attend DjangoCon US of which this year will be his 4th year attending. Craig is delighted to be involved this year after doing some volunteering during recent DjangoCon US and PyCon US conferences. He is one of the three founders of Django Events Foundation North America (DEFNA) and serves as the Treasurer for both DEFNA and DjangoCon US. When not doing DEFNA business Craig enjoys skiing, hiking and walking his dog, Lucy.

Anna Ossowski

Diversity, Financial Aid, Communications Chair

Anna Anna works for Eldarion, helping them with community management and talent development. She co-organized the Django Girls Budapest and PyCon workshops, runs the "Your Django Story" interview series on the Django Girls blog, and is the group leader of the PyLadies Remote group. Anna is also the chair of the Django Software Foundation grants committee, and recently became a director of the Python Software Foundation. She is very passionate about diversity and community outreach and wants to encourage more women to learn programming because it's awesome!

Andrew Pinkham

Communications, Logistics

Andrew Andrew is a half-French-half-American software engineer and the author of 'Django Unleashed,' scheduled for publication in 2015 by Pearson. Andrew specializes in web and mobile products, but is also passionate about security and distributed systems. He is a 2009 graduate of Dartmouth College and works as a consultant and instructor in Python and Django.

Stacey Haysler

DEFNA Corporate Secretary

Stacey As CEO of Blue Swan Human Resources Consulting, Stacey is a business services professional with both corporate and consulting experience in the high tech, legal, recruiting, communications and media, banking, and retail fields. She also conducts training workshops for aspiring consultants, and personnel management workshops for small employers. Stacey is also the Chief Operations Officer of PostgreSQL Experts, Inc., a San Francisco open source software consultancy. She serves as Treasurer of the Django Software Foundation, and Corporate Secretary of the Django Events Foundation North America. When not occupied with keeping her businesses running smoothly, Stacey passes her time with reading, watching movies, and doing historical re-enactment.

Scott Lee

Lightning Talk Chair

Scott Scott is an engineer at Amazon Web Services where he focuses on big data. He’s also a contributor to Mozilla open source projects and speaks at local Python meetups. He's been working with Python and Django for the past two years. In his free time, Scott enjoy reading and traveling.