Got a couple of hours free at DjangoCon? Sign up to volunteer! DjangoCon is organized and run by volunteers from the Django community. This year we’re looking for over 80 on-site volunteer hours to help make sure everything runs smoothly.

Everyone who is attending DjangoCon is welcome to volunteer, but you must be registered to volunteer! All help is very much appreciated! Thank you! We truly couldn’t do this without you.

Pro Tip: Sign up to be a Session Chair or Session Runner -- it’s a great opportunity to meet the speakers!

Session Staff

Sign up to be a Session Chair or Session Runner here! Please read and understand the duties before you sign up to be a session chair/runner. Only sign up for one role per session.

Session Chairs and Session Runners are present for an entire session (usually 2-3 talks in a row).

Session Chair

As a Session Chair (see handbook), your job is to take charge of the session. You start by getting on stage to introduce the speaker (keeping it simple — their name, where they are from, and the talk title). During the talk, you keep track of time and let the speaker know when it’s time to stop for questions. You help to mediate the question session, then let the speaker know when it’s time to wrap it all up. After that, help the speaker disconnect the microphone equipment and make any last announcements (open spaces, etc).

Session Runner

As a Session Runner, you are the shepherd in the room. Your job starts in the Green Room fifteen minutes before each talk, where you'll meet the speaker and help them get ready by testing their laptop, and briefing them on what to expect. Five minutes before talk, you'll lead the speaker to their session room and help them get their laptop setup. Assuming everything goes according to plan, you'll hand the speaker off to the chair, then your job is done until 15 minutes before the next talk. If a speaker needs to cancel for any reason, please assure them that this is ok, and they are not letting the community down. For more information, see the Session Chair Handbook section on cancellation.

Registration Desk

Sign up for an hour slot at the registration desk!

This is the perfect way to meet people! You welcome them, give them their name badge, and direct them to the coffee station and keynote room. Registration desk shifts are only one hour, and you’re welcome to work more than one shift. If this is your first DjangoCon, it’s a good way to get into volunteering!

Swag Bag Stuffing

Just show up! Swag bag stuffing will happen on Sunday, September 6 (time TBD). Come stuff 10 bags! Many hands make light work!

Thanks to PyCon US, whose Volunteer Page inspired us!