Azure DjangoCon Code Challenge

Azure DjangoCon Code Challenge

Aug. 31, 2015 by Anna Ossowski

We're excited to announce that we partnered with Microsoft to launch their first Azure DjangoCon Code Challenge!

You probably didn’t know that the Microsoft Cloud provides support for not only, Windows, and .NET, but also Linux, Node.js, PHP, Java, Python, and more. Microsoft Azure is the open source friendly cloud platform designed to empower you to do more. Azure has great support for hosting Python without worrying about a Linux VM and makes a great option for Django apps

For the Azure DjangoCon Code Challenge create a cool Django app and publish it to Azure (you get a free trial), then come claim your limited edition DjangoCon t-shirt! The following picture shows the cool design.

Code Challenge

Follow these instructions to publish your first Django app on Azure. Show the folks at the Microsoft booth your Django app hosted on and get your t-shirt!

The best Django apps on Azure will get Microsoft Bands that Microsoft will announce during lunch on the final day.

Come to the Microsoft booth to get help building your first Django app, learn more about Azure, or complete the code challenge!

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