Venmo Gold Sponsor

Venmo Gold Sponsor

July 8, 2015 by Anna Ossowski

We are thrilled to announce our newest Gold Sponsor: Venmo!

Venmo is a free service that lets you send and receive money right from your smartphone. You can send payments to your friends and loved ones using your card, bank, or Venmo balance, and send the payments you receive to your bank overnight.

The Venmo team is creating a product that people love. They strive to create a delightful user experience while connecting the world and empowering people through payments. People work at Venmo because they are creating an exciting product users love. Each day they face challenging problems and solve them with other talented people in a collaborative environment.

For more on Venmo, you can visit our Sponsor page or visit their webpage directly.

Additionally, DjangoCon is still accepting new sponsors.

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