Lincoln Loop Platinum and Diversity Sponsor

Lincoln Loop Platinum and Diversity Sponsor

June 16, 2015 by Andrew Pinkham

We are thrilled to announce our newest Platinum and Diversity Sponsor: Lincoln Loop!

Lincoln Loop is a full-service software development agency specializing in Python and Django development, and is well known for their focus on performance. Since their founding in 2007, Lincoln Loop's emphasis on quality in an open-source, agile environment has helped numerous startups and high-traffic sites grow their businesses, providing not only rock-solid infrastructure, but also user experience, deployment, and real-time application development with JavaScript. Lincoln Loop created the awesome DjangoCon US 2015 website.

If you are looking to level up your Django skills you should check out High Performance Django written by the Lincoln Loop team. It will give you a repeatable blueprint for building and deploying fast, scalable Django sites.

For more on Lincoln Loop, you can visit our Sponsor page or visit their webpage directly.

Additionally, DjangoCon is still accepting new sponsors.

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