Announcing the Program for DjangoCon US 2015

Announcing the Program The DjangoCon US 2015

June 10, 2015 by Christopher Adams

Congratulations to all our accepted speakers!

We are still waiting to hear back from roughly 20% of our speakers so if you see your name on the list, but you have not confirmed with us then please contact us. We will publish our schedule as soon as we can finalize our list.


Our tutorials are on Sunday, September 6th and tickets will be on sale very soon.


Our conference talks will take place Monday - Wednesday, September 7th - 9th.

  • How I learned Django while working at Eventbrite (Allison Lacker)
  • Dubious Database Design (Andrew Godwin)
  • Django Views: Functions, Classes, and Generics (Andrew Pinkham)
  • Things that are tired: Uggs, Segways and YOU! Coming back from burnout (Barbara Shaurette)
  • The D is Silent: Challenges in Teaching Django (Caleb Smith)
  • How to Practice Inclusion and Benefit Django (Kojo Idrissa)
  • Intro to Client-Side Testing (Mark Lavin)
  • The Texas Tribune: Making Data, and State Politics, Public (Ryan Murphy)
  • Managing Identities: LDAP, Google Directory, and Django (Scot Hacker)
  • Hunting for Treasure in Django (Sebastian Vetter)
  • PostgreSQL in Django 1.8 (Christophe Pettus)
  • Django Deployments Done Right (Peter Baumgartner)
  • Django Authors Panel (Andrew Pinkham, Mark Lavin, Tracy Osborn, Peter Baumgartner)
  • How to talk to humans: a different approach to soft skills (Sharon Steed)
  • E-Commerce with Django at Scale: Effective Performance Lessons Learned (Nate Pinchot)
  • Intro to Mocking: Why Unit Testing Doesn't Have To Be So Hard (Daniel Davis)
  • Beyond the basics with Elasticsearch (Honza Král)
  • Postgres Performance in 15 Minutes (Josh Berkus)
  • Wagtail - Yet Another Django CMS (Tom Dyson)
  • REST Easy — API Security Done Right (Jeff Schenck)
  • Django Girls: A success story (Anna Ossowski)
  • Jane Austen on PEP8: Tips from an English Major on Writing Better Code (Lacey Williams Henschel)
  • Automating Your Browser and Desktop Apps (Al Sweigart)
  • I never Meta model I didn't like: The Django 1.8 Meta Interface (Russell Keith-Magee)
  • Adding Geo into your Django (Corryn Smith)
  • But, why is the admin slow? (Jacinda Shelly)
  • Confident web development with React (Julien Phalip)
  • Leveraging Procedural Knowledge (K Rain Leander)
  • Minimum Viable Security (Jacob Kaplan-Moss)
  • Exploring the outer Solar System with Django (Lisa Ballard)
  • Build a Django App from Public Data, the next step in your Django journey (Joe Kokenge)
  • Making Django Really, Really, Ridiculously Secure (Kelsey Gilmore-Innis)
  • Performance Testing for Modern Apps (Dustin Whittle)
  • Django Dreams (Kenneth Reitz)
  • Introduction to Sphinx & Read the Docs (Eric Holscher)
  • The Other Hard Problem: Lessons and Advice on Naming Things (Jacob Burch)
  • GIS for Python People (Sara Safavi)

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